Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time's a tickin', summer's a slippin... away

Well here it is: the much anticipated blog from yours truly. I'm hoping this is a better alternative then the reeeediculously long e-mails I sent from Australia. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to write a TON, but this way you can check up on anecdotes and pictures at your pleasure through this here web-page blog.

Time is seriously tickin' and the summer's flying by! After officially graduating, I finished student teaching June 15th and have been enjoying my summer thoroughly! I've gotten some time to read up on Japan (but have been seriously struggling to learn Japanese) and elax in the sun, as well as spend time with friends, of course go the Fest, and had the privilege of going on a family vacation to Maui, Hawaii. It's getting to be crunch time now as I attempt to get in all the final documents, organize paperwork, move out of our place in Madison, tie up all the loose ends, spend time with friends and family, and pack (seriously, two 50 lb bags... HOW am I gonna do it?). Luckily, I've got Kristin coming up to visit so I can squeeze in some more friend time as well as Brewers, beer, and Butts (Eddie, of course!) action.

Check out what I've been up to:

Pool/Graduation Party with the Moersfelder's

Celebrating with family and friends in G-town.
Best cake, ever!

Awww, love you buddies. Congrats to Mel and Matt on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Kylie!

Even my cousin's family is excited for my trip! They're turning Japanese, too.

Onto Maui, Hawaii trip: Sunrise over the volcanic crater, Mt. Haleakala (10,000ft elevation), after which, we rode down the 36 mile road dodging vehicles, but looking fly in full body suits and massive helmets.

The view of the gorgeous mountains, but dry fields due to the drought.

Snorkeling with sea turtles... doesn't get much better.

All the food was amazing - but this was easily the best meal I had: a tempura style sushi roll with both ahi and mahi mahi sashimi with an absolutely amazing raw seaweed "salad" in ginger marinade. If this is a teaser for what I'm to expect in Japan, I'm ready!

At least I can count on my brother to jump off cliffs next to waterfalls with me

All five of us together on one trip? Let's just say it wasn't quite like the "old" road trips!
Great to have everyone together again in Maui:)


Mom said...

Hey Sarah Beara,
So I finally get to find out exactly where my daughter will be living for the next year. (thanks) I'm not so sure about the driving situation though. Especially after watching that movie with you.
Seriously, looking forward to reading and sharing your life/memories through this blog.
Love, Mom

Linda Martinez Moersfelder said...

Hey Sarah,
We love the fact that we will be able to keep up with you while you are in Japan by using this site. It sure is easier than all of the long e-mails sent to Australia.We really liked your photos of graduation and your trip to Maui. But I especially liked the one of you in the kimono! That was great!NOW, we just need to get one of you wearing a serape!
Love ya,
Linda and Dad

Katie said...

Hey Buddy!! I already miss you heaps...can't wait to hear about how everything goes as you settle in to your living situation and work!

ginslp said...

Hi Sweetie!
Mom told us that you made it safely..yeah! We are so excited to have this blog to share your adventure with you. We are looking forward to hearing about how things are going once you settle in!We love and miss you.
Auntie Ginnie and fam

Katie said...

Hello again!! I read your email and I'm so excited for you...I'm not exactly surprised you got lost and directions were never very clear! Please update this blog when you get your internet set up-- I want to hear more details about your job, your awesome apartment, etc. I love you and miss you!! T-minus 1 month until I (along with my parents) attempt to represent 34 S. Mills as we attend the UNLV vs. WI game in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

What a wonderful site. I am going to let Don take over in a minute. You know Uncle Don, always those words of wisdom! Glad to hear all is going great. Looking forward to ALL the up-dates and photos. Do you think your mom cries everytime she reads them? (he he). I know she misses you emensouly (Sp?).


Auntie Cindy

Jennifer said...

Hey Sis!
Your trip looks amazing so far. Just think what the next year will bring:) Well it seems as though all is well. Everyone misses you tons, and I think that Edy's ice cream stock has gone down since you left. Love all the pics, especially the one of you on the Mary Poppins looking bike, how sweet:) Well, can't wait for what's yet to come. I'm very proud of you. Miss you tons!
Love, Jen