Sunday, January 11, 2009

Take me to the Farm... for Sweet Potato Peeling

I can never get enough of going to the Kobayashi's farm, so anytime they have anything I can do to help out I beg, plead, and bribe Tomomi to let me go. December is the month when the sweet potatoes are ready to be steamed, peeled, dried, rotated daily, and then finally packaged. Last year we had the honor of peeling and I was really looking forward to having 'the claw' again for weeks and at least halving how many Alex peeled. We got to peel a little, but also had a hand in some of the other parts of the process which was really cool.

Getting ready to start, Shyoma clearly has his game face and outfit on (thanks to my Mom's sweet find!). The whole crew ready to start it up!
What a team player our little Brewer is.
I started out by weighing and packaging the potatoes. I guess if I would've sent these air tight bags to the parentals, they would've arrived without mold. Oops.
A few freshly steamed taters coming up to the 2nd floor.
Tea time!
We also got treated to a delicious lunch of vegetable and udon soup, made all with ingredients from the Kobayashi's garden. Sooooo good!
SO CUTE! Shyooma's talking and shrugging his shoulders for pictures now.
After going through and flipping each and every one of these taters, we got to go through and handpick a bunch for our taking. I love how the dried potatoes taste so different from the day they are steamed (which I like best) to weeks later. They're all delicious, though!