Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Heart Hiking in Japan: Kiryuu Edition

June 7th, 2009

Andy: "Wanna hike a mountain in Kiryuu?"
Me: "OKAY!"

No bus in sight, we get a cab. Cab takes us to a corner. We must walk another hour up roads to get to the trail head. It is gorgeous, so I don't mind one bit. Yay for sun, FINALLY!

The heat and 60 degree incline ain't got nothin' on Uri, clearly the most prepared with a man-purse, short shorts, and sandals.

Alex and Andy on the other hand... well, they perspired a lot more than Uri.

We never actually reached a summit, per say. But since we weren't positive where we were were and figured time wasn't on on our side, we turned around here. Great view!

Mmmm - Soyjoys!

Random kids' drawings lined the start of the trail. This was for sure my favorite.

Two-leaved flowers?!?!

We made it! To the start, so we can walk another hour back to a bus stop.

Best post hike (or post school festival in Byron's case) dinner: Sushi!

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