Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Malaysia Take Four: Camp 5

Alright, so after a bit of rowing/drifting down the river and checkin' out a village along the way, it was back in the canoes again. And, since the water levels were so low, we "got" to push them approximately every 2.3 seconds. All part of the experience.
Eventually, we made it to the bank of where we'd stop for lunch and then start up the hike for the day. That's Naoto to my right; solo traveler coincidentally from Tokyo, Japan and winner of most unique Japanese I've ever met.
I think that's a liger on his shirt.Ready to start the jungle trek to Camp 5, carrying all our gear. Hiring carriers is such a cop out. Lame.
My favorite guide, Eugene. Half man, half myth, all muscle.
Suspension bridge - whaaaatttt!?!
Tour guide, Richard... the craziest combination and pure brawn and passion for the environment, ever!
... it's off to camp we go!
3 hours later, WE MADE IT!
I just realized I haven't properly introduced you to the wonderful people we spent 5 days of pain, glory, and memories with. They were a group of seven Malaysians that live on the mainland in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. They've done a few 'adventure' trips together and this was one they had booked for almost a year. Wong booked it, and the rest came along for the ride having next to no idea what they were really getting into. Although some of the hikes were beyond their ability/interest level, they were a TOTAL blast and we couldn't have asked for a better crew to join with for the adventures.
(From left to right): Liew (late 20's into shopping and walking), Liu (30's into light hiking and shopping), Wong (the organizer and most card core; into half marathons and fun runs), Low (late 20's into the outdoors, great personality and sense of humor), Mey (30's fun 7-10km kind of girl, super sweet, married to an Indian man who she left in the dust for this trip;) ), Mendy (hilariously cute and the drive of an ox, married to Lim) and last but certainly not least is Uncle Lim (the biggest personality of the group, great (albeit LOUD) laugh, always finding a way to make others laugh, possibly more deserving of the "paparazzi" title than myself). We immediately threw our bags into the communal sleeping area and ran to the river. No swimsuits? No problem!
My favorite picture of the entire trip.
Refreshing and clean water.
Gunung Mulu is my playground.

Regression is the best medicine.
View from Camp 5, not too shabby!

While we were playing in the river, Larry and the other tour guides were hard at work making our dinner.

Uhhhh - I'm ready! Where IS everybody?
Our digs for two nights. Big, open air, communal sleeping area: LOVED IT!
Beautiful butterflies... and Julie ain't too shabby either!
Another group of hikers from mainland Malaysia used this area for their five times a day prayers AND macarena practice. HI-larious.
Oh, Naoto. Watermelon and rice don't go to together... in any culture.
But green pancakes and eggs most certainly do!
Me and tour guide Richard, "the man." He has been and will be doing the same hike through the jungle and the Pinnacles nearly every day for the next... eternity? Awesome job and an individual I will never forget. Thanks!

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Masqueradez said...

Hi there!! It's quite a coincidence that i found your blog in random... I too, just came back from Mulu Caverns Expedition and hiked the Pinnacles!! Plus, guess what, you'll never believe this 'coz Richardson was my tour guide too!!! Haha! He's the best.. Well I'm a high school boy, 17y.o(2010) and from Kuala Lumpur.. I went there with a bunch of friends and teachers.. But we didn't get to reach the Longhouse from Head Hunter's Trail 'coz the boat didn't turn up as promised while we reached there.. We waited blankly and dully for 4 hours! In the end Richard ordered us to re-walk the 11.3km trail back to Camp5 at night!! Woah, its a boogey trail i tell you, especially while we reach the Chinese Cave.. We encountered snakes, owls, apes, the usual bugs, some bats and an army of leeches!! We reached Camp5 around 10.30pm (M'sia time) though.. Its a total nightmare for us yet, a wonderful experience as well.. Richard told us that we were the very first "lucky" visitors who have to re-walk the trail at night since that place was open for tour.. And yep, we have to re-walk the 8.8km trail to the outside river as well, the next morning.. And we almost missed our flight!! Its scary, well, for a bunch of 17 teens but its the best trip of everyone of us! I think i've typed too much, just getting exited to run into your blog.. Its a small small world!! Hope you have a nice time too in M'sia!! ^^