Monday, July 20, 2009

Malaysia Take Six: Headhunter's Trail

To get from Camp 5 to the longhouse we'd be staying at the next night, we had another day of hiking and "rowing" ahead of us. This time, we'd be taking the Headhunters' Trail. The trail got it's name because about a hundred years ago, head hunting in this area was at it's peak. Kayan war parties from the Baram River came through the Mulu area to attack Murut longhouses and Chinese farmers along the Limbang River, paddling their war canoes up rivers and carrying them through the forests.
Julie was much more concerned about the leeches than any head hunter's though. 11.3km later, we were both leech free. I love my fungus!
More suspension bridges.
Whether it's big or 'lil, I love all fungus.
This riverin' experience was much more enjoyable than the last. After the monstrous downpour the night before, water levels were high which meant no need to jump in and out to push on the canoe on my now bum ankle (I of course twisted it during the hike the day before).
Getting cloooooserrrr....

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