Friday, September 26, 2008

Jamaican Cook-up

One of the main reasons I came to Japan was to get an in depth experience of another culture. Being part of the JET Program has not only given me the opportunity to learn about Japanese and Japan, but has also provided an amazing network with other people from around the world. I can't get enough face time with other people and learning everything there is to know about them and their cultures. Along with learning about their outlooks, insights, politics, lifestyles, upbringing, customs, etc., experiencing other culinary delights is always a treat (pun intended).
We're lucky to have two lovely ladies in Gunma from Jamaica. Symerna insisted that she gets the urge to cook for a big group a few times a year, so who am I to deny her that pleasure?
She had most of the cooking and prepping done by the time we got there, but we all found a way to chip in.

A few ladies making Summer Shandies: beer, lemonade, and sugar... lots of sugar. Mmm. Perfect to beat that mid July heat.

The finished BBQ'd jerk chicken.
Juls bringing out the finished appetizers: fish fritters and a dipping sauce.
Everyone gets served before saying grace and then indulging in the deliciousness that was:
Jerk chicken, coleslaw, red beans and rice, and vegetarian curry.
And our gorgeous host, Symerna, serving up a dessert of vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake.

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