Thursday, August 9, 2007

Before, Leaving on a JET plane

A month (the time it will take to set up internet) is clearly far too long for a blabbermouth like myself to be away from my blog, much less the internet... so I made my way to the nearest Yamada Denki to get ripped off and splurge on an hour session in this mega-store electronic, air conditioned, bliss! Far too much has happened to write about properly, but I’ll try to hit all the highlights from the time I last wrote until now.

SO - What did I do in my last days in the States?

Spent time with my family and new arrival, Maddison.

She has the CUTEST `lil fingers!
Brewers, brats, beer, b-ball and Butts as previously predicted, graced in the presence of my bestest bud, Kristin and Floridian deemed Wisconsinite at heart, Rick!

The rally cap wasn’t cutting it that night! Brewers lost:(
Always an amazing time with Eddie and my G-town Ladies!

One last stroll around the Madison Farmer’s market. AND it was Maxwell Street Days. AND there was a crazy canoe race around the capital I had no idea was going on. Man, I love that city!
Celebrated my Mom’s 50th... I mean 35th birthday; two weeks before it actually occurred. We done surprised her good! I make a killer tiramisu (thanks Mrs. B!), in case you were wondering.

Ate all the Edy’s and Dairy Queen ice cream known to mankind... just in case they didn’t have any in Japan.

Played/ROCKED Guitar Hero 80’s edition. I don’t care if singing along doesn’t get you more points... I’m still gonna do it.

Packed up two apparently overweight (45 lbs each) bags for the plane, along with my 25 lb carry-on, “personal item”/laptop, and one more 65 lb box to ship out... just for good measure.

Spent my last night in the States in Elmhurst, yes Elmhurst, with my Illinois ladies and P’s.

I think it was the perfect amount of time to have after student teaching and leaving the States to get everything in order and do everything I wanted to do and see (pretty much!) everyone I wanted to see. It always gets rushed at the end, and I wish I could have seen you all – but thanks to those that did make my last days wonderful by your presence or a ring-a-ling ding. I really appreciated it:) (And Yes, I`m using emoticons now)

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