Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nagano Snow Monkeys

My sister's coming in less than a week now (YAY!!!), and I'll have a plethora of posts regarding her visit I'm sure, so it's catch up time now. I'm gonna be short on the anecdotes for this post, which I'm sure MANY of you are thoroughly excited about.

A whiles back now (over a month ago) my buddy/organizer extravagant, Brooke, got a crew of us together to go see onsen monkey in Nagano (a prefecture north of good 'ol Gunma). It has a higher altitude and is more mountainous, thus ideal for monkeys to come out and play in the winter. It's relatively close to us, but we did have/get to shinkansen (bullet train) there and back.

Thanks again to Alex for the use of your far superior pictures from the trip!
It was like we were moving at warp speed!
Yay! All us foreigners finally made it... to the entrance... which means a hike in snow before actually getting to the onsen. PERFECT!

That's a geyser in back of me... I think it was man-made.

Play nice!

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