Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ume: A Tease For Sakura

Sakura generally begin blooming around Kyoto and Tokyo at the end of March or early April. More about this to come in the post on sakura, but for now you should now that Ume (plum blossom) trees blossom BEFORE sakura. A city north of Maebashi (Annaka) is well known for a large ume park which was predicted to be in bloom, so my friend Kamara had a big 'ol Girls Night Out planned for us on March 8, complete with ume blossoms viewing. They weren't really in bloom yet - BUT, we did get a few glimpses of some early bloomers. Check it out!

We are SOOOO excited for UME!
Still no ume - but check out Mt. Myogi!

I loved these two - looked like a reflection.

They really were beautiful, but I couldn't help but think "if this is what all the Japanese are so hyped up about in sakura, they are seriously understimulated." Little did I know...

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