Monday, October 8, 2007

My Birthday Abroad: Part 1/ Birthday in the ‘Bash

First off, thanks to everyone who remembered I’m biologically aging and wishing me happiness because of that. I firmly concur with Mr. Ritz’s mantra that you’re only as old as you feel, however and celebrated appropriately.
I LOVE sushi on conveyer belts… it’s like the ultimate buffet because you get to try anything that’s rolling by you, but you can also order anything of an extensive menu of sushi, drinks, and desserts. So, before my actual birthday, my host family treated me to a sushi dinner.
You can tell Moe’s got the same taste as me. Way to celebrate properly, cutie!
On my actual birthday, I went to Sushi-Ro (a 100yen, or about $1 sushi restaurant). Definite crowd pleaser and we got to make friends eat weird stuff (ie gravy covered meatball sushi?!?!).
I tried seawater eel sushi for the first time: really cool texture where it kind of melts in your mouth and great with the special eel sauce. As you can see, I am also rockin’ the Badger Bibs, as it was officially dubbed the “Burger-sushi, Beer, and Bowling Birthday Bash in the ‘Bash”. Incorporating things with B into the festivities became the trend of the night, so I figured the Bucky Badger Birthday Bibs worked well. A major success, I’d say.

My friend Brooke is amazing and ordered the absolutely perfect cake for me – complete with “Happy Birthday Sarah” in Japanese! I was the only one that didn’t have to share my piece!

Here’s a portion of the crew: 26 people actually showed up for the festivities! I am clearly a pretty big deal… or maybe sushi and bowling are just that sweet and I’m just that good at facebooking social gatherings.

Next up: bowling. Okay, so it’s not the most “Japanese” of my experiences, but they allowed carry ins and had room for heaps of people… so it worked perfectly! The best part by far was the killer shoes! Seriously, it was soooo tempting to ‘accidently’ walk off in them, as I am sure you are yearning to do just looking at them! AND, they came out of big boxes where you pushed a button and BAM!!!, there they are! It was cool. Trust me.

Scroll up on the web page to see what I did NEXT for my Birthday Festivities!!!

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