Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ashikaga Harvest Festival

After a year as a JET, the events in the area start repeating. I feel very grateful we have such an awesome GaJET association that informs us about and hosts so many awesome events. But, my basically philosophy is if I've been there, I've done that, and it doesn't need repeating. Of course, there is always the exception to the rule. November 15th was one of those exceptions: The 26th annual Harvest Festival in Ashikaga.

It's just an amazing winery made into drinking and eating extravaganza after the wine harvesting season has ended. Good times, great people, what's not to love?
The Gunma boys and one Saitama boy: Taylor, Byron, Ronan, Adam, and Geoff.
And the ever studious and sophisticated, Dr. Alex Laws.
We are apparently VERY happy!
Only the strongest survived the trek to the top of the hill to take a pic with the giant blow up wine bottle.
The view from atop.
Beat, from a VERY long day; but, awakened by the mention of curry and rice and Mahatmas:)

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