Saturday, December 6, 2008

Take me to the Farm... for Sweet Potato Harvesting

Alllright - only a little over a month behind... am I making progress here or what?

Let's go back to October 26th. To a time before I needed to cower under my kotatsu and wear a scarf and hat in my own house. To a time of short sleeves, blue skies, and potatoes that needed to picked. Sounds like a time I'd enjoy; and I did, thoroughly.

Last October I was had the opportunity to pick potatoes with the Kobayashi's at their farm in Yoshioka, as well. So, this time around, it was old game. Laurel and I were the only ones that could make it this time and it was fabulous. Last year it was new, exciting, and I had a million and one questions. This year, I really felt like part of the family and felt a lot more helpful, even though the Kobayashi's still spoiled us with snacks and lunch and a trip to the onsen after harvesting. They are so sincerely appreciative of our 'help' that it almost makes me feel guilty! It never feels like work to me being at the farm, and I look forward to the opportunity to get out there with them every time.

The two girls helped us out again this year... or rather, we helped them out!
After I botched every turn I made on the tractor, Grandma shows me how it's done.
Morning tea break (all the pictures below are Tomomi's).
Harvesting the end potatoes by hand - I think Shyooma's got the technique down perfectly!
Me, Shyooma, and Laurel. The potatoes are delicous, but not straight outta the ground, Shyooma!
Walk it out, walk it out!

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