Thursday, December 18, 2008

Taiwan: Take Nine: Leaving Time

The trip wouldn't be complete without another taste of Taiwanese ice cream. Luckily, we just happened to be passing through a city with a little festival going on. Got me some ice and some sweet caramel souvenirs.

Unfortunately, we did not schedule in a stop to the Promised Land on my very detailed itinerary.
Remember, way back when, about 5 posts ago, when I was talking about this very highly recommended vegetarian restaurant that we were gonna go to (I had persuaded the others' to go with me) but it was closed... well, we made it back in time on our last night to hit it up - and I was NOT disappointed! My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach, but I totally do not regret it. I think Ronan actually liked the food as well, instead of just pretending to like it, like he was intending to do.
Round two; namely desserts. Oh my gosh, mouth has just started uncontrollably watering.
The last hostel we stayed at in Taiwan... not the highest quality, but definitely a unique crew of individuals 'bunkin' with us.
The hostel's owner, John Li. As he said "I have been many places"... very interesting guy.
All packed up.
The mopeds that make Taiwan, Taiwan.
Boarding our Hello Kitty sponsored plane.
One last gloomy look at Taiwan.

I really loved Taiwan and of course, wish I could have spent WAY more time there. If it weren't so pricey for the flight over, I'd go back in a heartbeat. The scenery was breathtaking and incredibly diverse, the people were generous, kind, had amazing English and senses of humor, and the food was delicious. My kind of trip for sure.

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