Thursday, December 18, 2008

Taiwan Take Eight: The Walami Trail

After camping on the beach in Kenting, it was time to head back up the east coast on the more inland highway, 9. We wanted to catch a little different scenery (or for Ronan, more of the inside of his eyelids) and wanted to hit up another great hike on the Walami Trail. So, this was our last sight of the beach.
Check out some of the scenery while we headed up north.
We passed through Taiwanese army training grounds. Alex told us that all men are required to serve two years.

The Walami Trail is part of Yushan National park, so we hit up the Nanan visitor center there for maps, registration, etc. We then had to get the actual 'permit' at the police station, which despite their directions of "right next door", is not the house immediately to the right of the info center. It is a guys house, who will still tell you it is okay to hike, even though he doesn't understand English. When you actually get to the police station, it will have three very stooge like 'police men' inside who are entertaining.
The Nan-an waterfall, aka our shower for the day.
Our new friend at the waterfall.

One of many awesome suspension bridges.
One of the many awesome views throughout the 6 hour hike to the overnight cabin we were headed to for the night. The trail actually goes from the west to the east coast and would take only a mere 6 days to complete. It used to be used to move soldiers across the country during the Japanese occupation and since has been maintained and restored. It's actually a really easy hike, just a little time consuming. But, definitely worth the time if you have it for the magnificent views and awesome scenery. We even got to hear some wild macaques at night. Ronan spoke their language, so we had a nice little chat with them. They want their bananas back.
The night set in, and the night lights came out. Totally different but still an amazing trek at night.
Waking up with the others at 5:30am who were actually doing the full 6 day hike.
The Walami hut, where officers and army men used to sleep about 60 years ago.
The approximated 6 hour hike back took us 3 hours (even with my paparazzi stops); speed hiking at it's best!

I'd definitely recommend the Walami Trail to anyone headed down the east coast of Taiwan. It could probably be done in a day, but would be pretty intense. Sleeping over in a cabin with MUCH more hardcore hikers than us (the only ones without our own stove or sleeping bags) was an experience in itself. It was my first 2 day 'trek' and I really dug it. I think I might be ready to join my friend Julie on one of her week long hikes in Japan. Mayyyyybe.

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