Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Quarter Life Climax: Birthday Dinner

For ma berfday din din, we went to a specialty restaurant in the area. The specialty food in the Fuji Five Lakes area is Hoto noodles (a rustic noodle dish with vegetables). I opted for the seafood hoto, and it was deeeelicious!
I also got the set meal, so it came with a seaweed salad, horse sashimi (yes, that's raw horse meat, and it's pretty tasty!), and pickled vegetables.

Three more of my lovely friends made the trek in from Gunma and Tokyo, so we took the place by storm. We literally closed the place down... actually, they kicked us out.

But not before I ordered (literally) every dessert on the menu (they were all so unique and delicious looking and I knew this was the only time I could semi-feasibly convince my friends to do anything for me) and ate the cake Brooke brought all the way from Maebashi (a 4 hour commute on bike, train, and foot)!Since the kicked us out, we snatched up the still half full pumpkin ice creams on the table to eat back at the hostel. Seriously, I have eaten A LOT of ice cream in my day... but this pumpkin ice cream... words cannot even describe. Best ice cream ever, though. That's right, even better better than Edy's Slow Churned. I can't believe I just said said that, but I don't take it back!

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